Ethno Butik Mara combines modern fashion trends with traditional Croatian heritage


Founded in 1999
”The best achievements of Croatian traditional art live in the works of this craft” Jadran Kale, Ph.D., ethnologist, Šibenik City Museum

Obrt Mara was founded in 1999 after Vesna Milković left her career as a lawyer and embarked on the realization of a long-standing dream: the promotion of Croatian ethnic heritage and traditional crafts through fashion design. Born in Slavonia, she finds inspiration for her work in her family’s rich tradition of handwork, which originates from all over Croatia. From this inexhaustible source of national heritage, she revives ornaments and manufacturing techniques, and her daughter Marija, a graduated fashion designer, continues this family tradition with a lot of love and optimism. With joint creative and entrepreneurial forces at the well-known Zagreb address: Ilica 49 (passage of Matica obrtnika), in Ethno boutique Mara, since 2004, they have been promoting and pushing the boundaries of the local ethno scene, skillfully balancing the combination of tradition and urban fashion.

”The collection was evaluated as a superior and refined promotion of Croatian written heritage” academician, PhD Anica Nazor, Old Slavonic Institute Zagreb


Woven from domestic cotton linen and fine factory fabrics, it proudly carries motifs from cultural and historical monuments (glagolitic, plaiting, borders of the Baščan panel), folk costumes (Alkar uniforms, a coat from Šestin, an ornament from a Sibenik cap, a shirt from Zadar and Konavon, Slavonian gold embroidery, punched white embroidery and colorful embroidery) and stylized ornamentation of Pag and Lepoglav lace. The creation of each collection implies thorough research and cooperation with museum and academic institutions. In the creative fusion of national, regional and cultural values, the cultural and ethnographic peculiarities of the folk creativity of individual regions and world design standards are respected. Due to the inspiring use of ethnic heritage, the Mara boutique has won numerous awards for originality and authenticity, such as a special recognition for innovation – “ARCA 2006” and the status of “Traditional Craft” (HOK).

”Ethno boutique Mara – fashion with a recognizable touch of tradition. We recommend that the Mara craft be awarded the “Artistic Craft” mark, because it really deserves it.” senior curator, Katarina Bušić, Ethnographic Museum Zagreb


Due to its autochthonousness and special value, the signature of Ethno boutique Mara is recognizable even outside the borders of Croatia. Designers Vesna and Marija are proud and proud that their clients have been ambassadors of Croatian clothing souvenirs in the world for 15 years. Preservation of the beauty of the beautiful motifs of our past by skilful implementation in modern design is the guiding thread that they have set before themselves and their collaborators. With persistent work and continuous progress, as well as participation in world international conferences, exhibitions and fashion shows, ‘Mara’, along with an educated team, constant innovation and experience, is determined to fulfill its life and business mission.

,,Let’s get our national treasure out of chests and closets and show the world what we have”! Vesna Milković, owner and designer


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