Christening dress Glagolitic

Šifra: KrštenjeH01-62

62,00 (65,76USD)

The baptism dress is made of 100% cotton and decorated with a lace border. The motif is your little girl’s name written in Glagolitic script (please write in the note). The motif is available in gold, light gold and silver.

Note: The name in Glagolitic is a special order and it is not possible to pay the postman (also exchange or refund)
Payment: by bank transfer or payment to the account

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Christening dress Glagolitic

62,00 (65,76USD)

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The glagolitic

The glagolitic alphabet is the old Slavic script that emerged in the second half of the 9th century and was in use in Croatian regions until the 19th century. The name comes from the old Slavic word “glagolati”  which means “to speak”. The Croats were the only nation in Europe to be granted special permission by Pope Innocent IVth in 1248. to use their own languge and script- glagolitic alphabet, during church services.


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