Collection Summer 21 – SLING


Designers Vesna and Marija Milković created a limited collection of white cotton cloth decorated with traditional hollow embroidery that gave the creations a touch of wearable glamour!

In a sea of ​​ready-made dresses, it’s a real miracle to find something special. And the dresses of the Etno boutique Mara brand are a combination of contemporary design, top performance and the beauty of the national heritage. Designers Vesna and Marija Milković, mother and daughter, used slinging, a traditional embroidery technique that produces hollow patterns on cotton canvas. This technique was named after Cardinal Richelieu, a key figure in the French court at the turn of the 16th to the 17th century, and it has been used in Slavonian villages to this day.

The production itself requires careful preparation and a steady hand. The selected motif is first traced on transparent paper and then punched out with a “Fodruk”. The paper is placed on the canvas and sprinkled with blue powder paint, which is copied onto the fabric through the holes, and then tied with a needle and white thread.

This technique was used throughout history to make the finest dresses and shirts for the nobility and clergy, so the shilling is by all accounts a part of high fashion, as successfully proven by ethnic designers. For their creations, they chose floral motifs, which they embroidered on tailored garments so that the pattern would ideally fit the body.

The collection is made of 100% cotton canvas – which makes the models environmentally friendly, and consists of short and long dresses, long and short pants and tops, pieces that are just as ideal for summer celebrations as everyday occasions, as well as weddings.

The romantic and elegant pieces were immortalized by the photographer Matej Dokić in a dreamy campaign in the famous Zagreb park Ribnjak, in the role of models Lara Spajić and Dea Cesar, with indispensable makeup by Irena Herceg and hair by Kincl.

Marija Milković

Marija Milković

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